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Miracle Blanket - Loved by baby sleep consultants

Millions of Well-Rested Babies Can't Be Wrong:

  • Helps relieve symptoms of colic
  • Eases he most unsettled baby
  • Helps Baby Sleep Better/Longer
  • Prevents Facial Scratches
  • Stops Twitches That Wake Your Baby
  • Makes Breast Feeding MUCH Easier
  • Makes Your Baby Feel Warm & Secure!
  • One Size Fits All Up up to 14-16 weeks
  • 100% High Quality Cotton


Why Swaddle Your Baby?

  • Every parent is taught to swaddle...
  • Research shows the benefits of swaddling...
  • Swaddled babies sleep better and longer...
  • Trusted books extol the virtues of swaddling...
  • Swaddling helps fussy babies sleep better...
  • Swaddling helps your baby sleep on their back...

So why isn't everyone swaddling their babies?


Our survey shows that 98% of parents who want to swaddle don't for one of these 3 reasons:

  1. It's too difficult to keep the baby swaddled for more than a few minutes;
  2. Our baby grew too big for the receiving blankets - within a couple weeks!
  3. Our baby slept through the night from day one, and is happy all the time.

If you fall into category #3 ... CONGRATULATIONS!
For the rest of us, there is a wonderful new solution to an age-old problem:
The Miracle Blanket!



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