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Jennifer from Wyndham Vale, Victoria says:

I cannot recommend the Miracle Blanket highly enough. My soon started having trouble sleeping at about 3 months old and a friend recommended the Miracle Blanket to me. Within 2 days he was sleeping so much better, and in fact would start to happily drift off to sleep as soon as I started wrapping him! It was easy to use and excellent quality. I bought two so i would always have one on hand when the other was in the wash. The miracle blanket is my gift of choice whenever a friend is having a baby and as I am expecting again I will be wrapping my new addition in the Miracle Blanket right from day 1!


Jane from Bentley Park says:

I just wanted to let you know that I bought a Miracle Blanket when my daughter Mahli was 7 weeks old.....and it was one of the best 'baby item' purchases I have made. Mahli was sleeping around 4 hours straight during the night before using the Miracle Blanket, pretty good for a new baby. However, in the quest for a decent nights sleep being that I had been back at work since she was a week old, I did some research and came across the Miracle Blanket website. I read all of the testimonials, as well as doing further research into the blanket on other forums. I decided to go ahead with my purchase and eagerly awaited its arrival. Firstly, the arrival was fast! I received it within a couple of days of ordering, which is awesome. Secondly, from the moment we used the blanket, it worked amazingly. Mahli slept really well in the blanket, with her night time sleeps going straight up to 6 1/2 hours straight each night. Mahli was a little Houdini, always getting out of other swaddles, but the Miracle Blanket kept her snug. She used to calm down as soon as she saw the blanket. I told my Mothers Group about it and several other girls also purchased the blanket with similar results. The blanket continued to work, right up until she outgrew it at 5 months of age. I now recommend the Miracle Blanket to all of my friends with new babies, and it will be the gift I buy for all friends and family who have new babies. Thank you so much for such a wonderful product..


Dee from WA says:

We started using MB at about 10 weeks and baby started sleeping through within days, I only wish we'd found it earlier.


Katrina from Goolwa, South Australia says:

We loved our miracle blanket as much as our bub seemed to! She was a little bit prem and like many (I have since found out) she had a wee bit of trouble adjusting to the world especially in the first 3 months. She quickly associated it with secure and comfortable sleep and even began to smile and laugh when she saw it getting ready for a sleep. She was wrapped in it until she was about 10 months of age (well it was only the top half by then). Oh and it has survived with barely a mark or rip to it. We have since recommended it to friends and other mums. Thanks for such a great product.


Jennifer from Gold Coast says:

i loved the wrap once i figured out how to use it unfortunatley i didnt get full use out of it as bubs was too small to use it at first and buy the time he had grown out of his swaddle me wraps i only got a few months use out of the miracle wrap but "miracle wrap it sure is"


Chantelle from Victoria says:

I have no idea what to say.. No words seem sufficient to describe how much this product affected the quality of our life. It gave us a happy and contented baby.. Thank you.. I only wish i had known about it earlier, when i had my first child.


Jaclyn from Victoria says:

Our little bub Flynn loved to sleep swaddled but as he grew, nothing seemed to hold him in tight. The Miracle Blanket was the only product we could find on the market that kept our little Houdini completely wrapped up till morning. Flynn is now a fantastic sleeper and rarely wakes, if at all during the night. The Miracle Blanket definitely helped in helping him reach this milestone! Thanks Miracle Blanket!


Kylie from Apollo Bay says:

I found that my little one slept much better immediately. Our blanket worked for us up until she was too long for the blanket and then moved her into a sleeping bag. I would highly recommend this product to any new mum.


Rachel from Ballina says:

I loved the fact that my baby stayed sleeping in the exact position I had put him to bed for the whole ten hours. I didnt have to worry about wriggling under blankets throughout the night. He was a delight to see in the mornings as I unwrapped him he would do a lot of cute stretches of his arms as he struggled to wake from such a restfull nights sleep.


Pam from Adelaide says:

I don't think I would've managed without the blanket and I recommend to all my pregnant friends


Brenda from Newcastle says:

My daughter was a terrible sleeper as a newborn, she was awake every 2 hours crying, which, as you can image, gave us very little sleep too! The cheap muslin wrap just didn't work properly, she'd end up wriggling out and waking herself up. A friend recommended I try the Miracle Blanket, and by that time, I was so sleep deprived, I was willing to try anything! Well, I'm so glad I did! It was the best money I've ever spent! My daughter couldn't wriggle out, and began sleeping through every night from then on, it was great! I am constantly recommending this product to other mum's I know, as I absolutely swear by it! Thankyou so much for making such a wonderful, easy to use, and reliable product!


Rowan from WA says:

My little girl Kaylee must have loved her miracle wrap and the snug secure feeling it gave her. She slept in it from birth to 3 months and for the first 6 weeks she only woke once a night then after 6 weeks she slept through.


Tatum says:

The one thing I always noticed (and I did end up having half my Mother's group purchase them after they tried and tested ours - we have 3!) was that as soon as we wrapped him ready for bed his whole demeanour changed, it was like he just knew it was bed time and he would relax with a big sigh. Didnt matter how much he was carrying on or over tired, as soon as he was wrapped he was calm and ready for bed! Sawyer used his blanket until about 4.5 months when he finally grew out of it - was just too long in the end and way too strong to stay in! I ended up buying 3 so if there was a late night accident I could just whip a fresh one out and still have a spare in case I didnt feel up to washing straight away hehe!

I defintely recommend them, we had a different brand that had the velcro on it but opening the velcro to change his nappy in the middle of the night would startle him and get him too awake so that only lasted 1 night! hehe


Unknown says:

We started using the miracle blanket when our daughter was 6 weeks old and within a few days she was (finally!) sleeping through more than 3 hours, and then a week later she was sleeping through from 10pm until 6am - magic! I think the timing was just right for starting the miracle blanket because she was ready to sleep through, but was waking herself up by coming unwrapped. So we knew that when she woke up it was because she was hungry or needed a nappy change. So nice to not have 'unnecessary' wakings anymore. BUT we did have trouble when she outgrew her wrap and then she started waking multiple times at night again. I see recommendations now on websites (like the sleep store) that say you can use the wrap over the top of a sleeping bag when they get older and wish we'd thought of that! Thanks for making such a great product, we recommend it to everyone having babies!


Unknown says:

This Miracle Blanket changed our lives! My baby would escape his ordinary muslin swaddle in minutes and get very upset. The moment we put him in the Miracle Blanket he started sleeping beautifully. We kept him in them until he didn't fit any more! And now I buy them for everyone I know who's having a baby.


Unknown says:

Was the best product for our daughter to have was such an escape artist and couldn't find the right blanket to wrap her in until yours came along. Easy to use the perfect material, we would never have to worry about her being too hot or cold as you'd dress her accordingly. Easy to wash and dry made her feel safe and secure. Made our lives as first time parents alot easier.


Unknown says:

My 7 month old still loves being swaddled for sleep - I guess she fell in love with that safe secure feeling that she got from sleeping in the miracle blanket. She out grew it though and I had to adapt and create my own sort of one for her.


Unknown says: I didn't really believe it would work so well, even after reading the testimonials. My bub had always been swaddled, but was getting to the stage where he could get out of the normal wrap. He was unsettled in the afternoon, early evening as they generally are. The first time I wrapped him in the miracle blanket he slept during this time when he used to be unsettled! He almost never got himself unwrapped in the miracle blanket, if he did we would call him Houdini, as it is almost impossible! I would definately recommend the miracle blanket for all new babies.


Sarah says:

I actually bought a 2 pack of these lovely wraps when my son was born and they are fantastic. He's now 15 months old and still takes his miracle blanket to bed with him! hehe! He loves to snuggle it! So when a good friend of mine told me her newborn son was having trouble settling and staying asleep I instantly bought one!!


Katrina says:

The miracle blanket is fantastic! I recommend it to all my friends. My daughter was able to get out of normal wraps, but not the miracle blanket. Kaitlyn always had a nice long nap with her miracle blanket.


Yung says:

We LOVE the Miracle blanket, it definitely changed our lives from the first time we used it. No other swaddles compare. We hate when both are in the wash and we need to resort to the traditional swaddles, as we know Liam's arms will break loose. As Liam is now fast approaching 12 weeks, we will be sad to leave the Miracle blanket behind... will you be making one for a bigger baby? What will be do without it up to 4-5 months? I am hoping that maybe when our next baby comes around, you will have made a version in a lighter summer weight cotton too please....


Amelia says:

The Miracle Blanket is without a doubt THE best item I bought for my baby, in fact I bought two of them and used them day and night until baby boy Beau was around 8 months old and was so big that I wrapped him in it just to under the arms. Words can hardly express how much I love my miracle blankets. They ensured that he slept through the night, 7pm to 7am, from an early age. He seemed to love being so securely wrapped and being a real wriggler, it was great that it was stretchy and had the long arms to wrap around and around to keep him snug in his little 'straight jacket' as we called it As any parents know, having a method of ensuring you have a baby who sleeps well is absolutely priceless. It is also my standard present for any girlfriends who have babies and they love it too. Thank you so much for this fab invention - it changed our lives!


Bethany says:

My 5 month old Elijah is my firs tborn and I struggled to wrap him properly when I got him back from the hospital. As soon as I got the miracle blanket, I could wrap him properly and that meant more sleep for me! It is also the only wrap he can't get his arms out of! I have bought it for all my friends and family with new babies and they love it as much as I do! Thankyou Miracle Blanket! :)


Melina says:

We bought two blankets and they are great! Kiana has been in since she came home from the hospital. She is now 5 1/2 months and is still in it. She knows it's a trigger for sleep and sleeps so well in. Now that she is older she manages to get her arms out now and again, however, as she is so used to it it doesn't disturb her sleep. Thanks.


Meagan from Melbourne says:

My baby tended to be able to "free" himself from all other wraps except this one! So he didn't wake as often as he probably would have - wish there was one for 11 month olds!!!


Justine from Noosa Heads says:

Was really pleased with Miracle Blanket- having had 2 babies before I started using this- I knew I was onto a winner when it arrived. Idiot proof- even my husband could wrap the baby! It was also impossible for Angus to wriggle free! I recommended it to several other mums, bought some as a gift for two first time mums and recommended the product to lots of others. Now some "constructive criticism"...I would have loved to had more choice of colours (as per what I saw on US website), and would have liked to have been able to mix the colours up, rather than only being able to buy 2 of the same coulour....why? Because my babies are chuckers- so it would help me to know which one was the one that needed washing. I ended up buying 4- used 3 and gave one as a gift. I did this as if in the middle of the night if one was in the wash I needed a back up one for the inevitable spew. My major concern is that you do not make them in a larger size. Angus is 7 months now and still wants to be wrapped. If you had them in a larger size I would have bought another 4. Instead I have had to resort to other means to wrap him! I would also recommend that you make the wrap in a material suitable for the Aussie summer- I realise that it is cotton- but surely a thinner more sheer cotton material that was suitable for hot days could be introduced into your line???? Overall I would say that the miracle blanket is an excellent product and one that I wish I had known about for my first two children.


Sonia from Melbourne says:

My baby is 15 weeks old now! we still wrap him in th miracle blanket...all barr his legs! He still sleeps well with just his arms wrapped.


Rebecca says:

Love our miracle blankets. Our baby girl relaxes straight away when swaddled in it. She is now 11 weeks old and still goes to sleep and stays to sleep for long periods in it – mostly sleeping through the night. It was great when we were travelling with her as no matter where we were the minute she was put in her blanket we were able to sooth her to sleep easily. I also bought a blanket for my friend and she loved it too.


Adrijana says:

I purchased the miracle blanket after I heard about it from a Friend on Facebook. My son Rhys was always breaking free from his swaddle & I didn’t know what else to do. That’s when I found out about the miracle blanket & purchased it from the miracle blanket website. After putting Rhys in the miracle blanket he wasn’t able to break free & was sleeping for longer periods of time. Thank you miracle blanket!


Nicole says:

We were desperate to keep our baby Gemma wrapped as she kept escaping from the normal wraps even though we had been taught by many different people methods of wrapping that she could not get out of. She got out of them all and I would sometimes find the wraps near her face/mouth which really freaked me out. The miracle blanket secured her and my peace of mind. She slept soundly and it was an easy transition from the wrap to a sleeping bag.


Jennifer says:

My son Tyler always slept in his Miracle blanket. I cant beleive he's grown out of it now.


Natasha says:

i just wanted to let you know that your blanket was truly a miracle, at 6 weeks our little girl slept thru the night ( we only discovered the blanket at 4 weeks). i have told anyone who will listen all about it and with a new baby arriving in March i intend to use it again. Just wish they made it in a lighter fabric for warmer nights in an un- airconditioned house. Thanks for a wonderful product that works.



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